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Organic Beef Steak

43,99  inkl. MwSt.
39,99  /kg

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Lieferbar zum: 29.09.

Contents approx. 2x 500g

The steaks are cut for you from the beef rump in 200-250g. The meat is lean, tender, has its own meat flavour and is well suited for grilling or frying.

As with any butcher, we cannot weigh most products to the exact gram. When we cut the pieces individually, we aim for 100g less than stated in the price to minimise additional costs on the final bill.
The meat is shipped fresh and can be kept for at least 14 days after receipt, in a vacuumed state at approx. 8°C.

DE-ÖKO 037

NährwerteAngabe pro 100 g
Brennwert/Energie548 KJ / 131 kcal
Fett5 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren
Kohlenhydrate0 g
davon Zucker
Eiweiß23 g
**Prozent der Referenzmenge für die tägliche Zufuhr

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