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Loyalty Points, Recommend & Save

How do our loyalty points work?

For every successfully completed order in our shop, you can now collect loyalty points worth 5% of your order.
You can redeem these points at a later date for the same value on another order, similar to the discount codes so far, where 1 point corresponds to 1 euro.
More redemption options are planned and will be announced via the newsletter and also explained in more detail on this page as soon as they are available.

Here is a simple explanation of the whole system:
1. you order for example 3 times for 100€ and then have 15 points (worth 15€)
2. with your next order you can redeem them all at once and pay 15€ less

Due to the technical and accounting implementation, the points are only credited when the package has been sent to you.

How to recommend Josef's Bio to someone & get a discount?

If you are a registered customer with us, you will find your recommendation link directly below this sentence:

If you don’t see anything between this sentence and the one above, you are either not logged in, or you have not ordered from us at all or only as a guest. If you would like to log in or register again, you can do both under this link or in the menu item Account above.
Once you have your link, you can share it with friends, family and followers. When they click on it, everything stays the same for now. Only when they register will they receive a 10€ voucher by email, which they can use from an order value of 100€. If they then place an order, you will also receive another voucher with the same conditions.

Here is a simple explanation of the whole system:
1. You send your referral link to your friend.
2. He clicks on it, registers, gets a discount code and places an order
3. As a reward for his order you get a discount code because you have recommended us to others

Under this link you will find an overview of your earned codes and recommended friends.
Due to the technical and accounting implementation, you will only receive your code when your friend has received their package.


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