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Our organic farmers

It is important for us to be as transparent as possible towards our customers, because we want to show,
what we stand for and what is important to us. Of course, this also includes the selection of our partner organic farms.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to our farmers who stand at least as much behind and embody and execute what is
embody and carry out what is of the highest priority at Josef’s Bio. For us, trust is the basic building block for
a good working relationship. In order to be able to offer our customers an excellent end product,
we pay attention to countless factors. We focus on the welfare of the animals, as this also plays a role in the quality of the meat.
in terms of the quality of the meat. Our farms are regularly inspected
and we are happy to have found people whose ideas match ours.


Bauernfamilie vom Sonnenhof

The Hampel family is responsible for our quality beef. They have been running the Sonnenhof in Schotten since 2000,
which means they are not too far from us. Farmer Nick and his family lovingly look after the animals.
They live on spacious pastures and are raised without antibiotics or similar.
The calves stay with their mother cows for nine months. We are in contact with farmer Nick every day and work side by side to
and work side by side to be able to offer you the products you want. He puts his heart and soul into his job,
You may even have been able to get to know him better on our last Q&A round on Instagram.
Of course, the Sonnenhof is EU organic and Naturland certified. The slaughtering takes place directly on the farm,
so there is no additional transport or stress for the animals.

Schäfer Bio-Geflügelhof

Bauernfamilie vom Gefluegelhof Schaefer

Our poultry and turkeys come mainly from the Schäfer BIO poultry farm. Here, too, family, cohesion
and love for the animals. It is a small, traditional family farm,
run by Helmut Schäfer and his two sons. The farm is located very close to Fulda and is both
certified by both Bioland and Naturland. The animals are not subjected to any stress and are allowed to
live naturally and without restrictions and enjoy their organic feed.


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